Are You Compliant Under Michigans Medical Marijuana Act? Don't Get Shut Down.

Whether you are currently involved with growing, transporting or dispensing Medical Marijuana in Michigan, or considering entering this field, your world is becoming more legislated, regulated and complex.

Essentially, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR) is in the process of licensing and regulating most aspects of the production, harvesting, treatment, quality, transportation and sales of medical marijuana within the state. This legislation does not guarantee that your city, municipality or village will permit any of these activities within its borders and the MMMA (Michigan Medical Marijuana Act) does not supersede or change Federal Laws regarding any of the above activities either. In fact, this regulatory legislation will run alongside MMMA.

Head over to the Department of Licensing and Regulator Affairs (LARA) website and sign up for emails and updates, then familiarize yourself with those new definitions and entities, such as ' state authorized dispensaries'.

Key to remaining in compliance with this legislation is understanding your position within it. Review the new definitions as presented in the final regulation, identify where you and your business fall within them, then further review the license and compliance issues related to you and what you do. This certainly includes reference to the people you employ and their individual roles, maintaining patient confidentiality, adherence to building and security requirements as well as those relevant to the lawful growing, harvesting, preparation, storing and, if applicable, transportation of marijuana.

Read summaries of HB4209, HB4827 and HB4210, highlight every area of each law that might concern your business activities and set aside the time and money to sit down with an attorney to assure that you're in strict compliance with each. Yes, that will cost you a bit, but the licensing is not cheap either. You've invested plenty in your business, why take the chance that you've overlooked that one regulation that results in a fine or loss of license?

If you want more information about Michigan's Medical Marijuana Act and need an attorney for help, contact the business law firm at Fakhouri Law Group today

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