New Michigan Law Allows More Fuel Stations to Sell Alcohol

Back in 2016, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, signed a bill that granted permission to additional Michigan gas stations to sell take-home alcohol products. In July of 2016–90 days after the bill was signed–residents of Michigan were able to purchase the alcohol. We're wondering if this is just a fad or if as time goes, we'll see more laws lightening the restrictions on the adult beverages market.

Who's Allowed to Sell Alcohol

The main businesses affected by the law are licensees who own fuel stations along with their licensed premise. For instance, this would primarily focus on stores who also have a subsidiary gas station close to them. Additionally, the law has an impact on gas stations who have large inventories. 

Specific Law Changes 

The law changes how far away the display, fuel pumps and sale of alcohol are from one another. Originally, there had to be a 50-foot difference. Now, they're allowed to be five feet from one another. 

The law distinguishes primary locations and secondary locations. A primary location must be within a neighborhood shopping center. It must maintain a minimum inventory of $250,000, not counting fuel or alcohol. Where customers purchase and pay for alcohol must be five feet or further away from where fuel is dispensed. A secondary location counts as an affiliate station owned by a person who has a primary location. In order to sell wine or beer, the secondary location must have at least one fuel pump. A secondary location must be adjacent to a primary location. 

For people to benefit from this new law, a potential licensee must fill out an application to get a permit through the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Originally, only one store was able to sell alcohol for every 3,000 people living in an area. The bill now allows more people to apply since you can have gas station selling one beer or wine per 1,000 residents.

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