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Business Litigation Attorney Farmington

Fakhouri Law Group, PLC, is comprised of experienced business attorneys representing small to medium sized businesses in Farmington and its surrounding areas in commercial litigation matters. Litigation is a disruptive, yet often inevitable, reality in the life of a business. At times, conflict may be avoided through mediation, arbitration or amendment of the entity's business agreements.

When this is not possible, our business litigation attorneys possess the practical and broad-based experience to help our clients resolve their disputes, and when necessary, protect their rights in court.

Fakhouri Law Group will help you protect your clients, your assets, and your future profits. We take pride in our dexterity and the ability to think outside the box to create innovative solutions to solving your legal problems.

Our skill and experience in commercial litigation allows us to find solutions to business disputes while minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Our litigation attorneys are committed to partnering with each client to set litigation goals, to developing a budget and plans to implement those goals, and to working diligently and effectively to achieve them.

At Fakhouri Law Group, we represent businesses and individuals in cases involving:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraud
  • Breach of Service Contracts
  • Business Tort Litigation
  • Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition
  • Intellectual property disputes involving copyright, trademarks and other proprietary matters
  • Disputes between shareholders and partners
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Bad faith litigation
  • Material misrepresentations or omissions related to the sale and purchase of real estate
  • Non-compete and unfair competition practices
  • Foreclosure of delinquent construction and land acquisition loans
  • Lawsuits based upon one party's failure to close a real estate transaction
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Residential foreclosure defense work including RESPA and TILA violations
  • Lender liability claims
  • Land use restrictions
  • Easement rights and boundary line disputes
  • Other civil and business related matters

Farmington Business Attorneys & Skilled Litigators

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Farmington

Fakhouri Law Group takes an aggressive, yet cost-conscious, approach when litigating on behalf of our clients. We have the resources needed to conduct complex and document-intensive litigation, and the experience to obtain strong results for our clients. Importantly, as your attorneys, we will always view every angle of your case to effectively resolve the issue most favorably for your business.

We continually maintain updates on the latest industry trends and shifts in the business landscape and understand how these fluctuations affect our clients and their businesses. We succeed because we extensively examine, research and thoroughly prepare our cases and because we care.

Each client and circumstance is unique. Our team approach permits us to honor differences while capitalizing on the experience and substantive backgrounds of our colleagues. We have sufficient depth and flexibility to staff a particular matter in a way that is catered for each client, regardless of the complexity of the matter and time demands involved.

Affordable Legal Services & Flat-Fee Rates for Business Owners in the Farmington Area

We pride ourselves on offering large law firm expertise at affordable costs.

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We strongly believe that exemplary representation should not mean expensive lawyer costs and steep hourly rates. Our law firm tailor-fits our fees to the individual needs of the client. We offer low or no up-front retainers, payment plans and in many cases, offer to absorb a variety of fees for the benefit of our clientele. We also can set up low monthly retainers for our business owners who require consistent legal oversight or "in-house" counsel services without having to employ their own attorney.

A fundamental concept to our success is contributing to the economic success of our clients. That's why, unlike larger firms, our promise to you is that we will not charge for consultations, telephone calls, emails or unexpected administrative costs. We believe that our clients are entitled to have an open line of communication with their lawyers without worrying about expensive charges.

Take advantage of our flat-fee guarantee!

  • Representing small and medium size businesses for day-to-day operations.
  • Alleviating business owners from expensive on-staff attorney employment.
  • Tailor-fitted payment plans.

Our "In-House" Retained Counsel Services

Finally, an Affordable Solution for Small Business Owners
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Mark F.
Farmington, MI
"I am a small business owner with 8 employees and I have been looking for a law firm to help me with many of my business (and personal) legal needs. Fakhouri Law Group is excellent! The best part about this law firm is they are very fair with their fees. They do not charge me for many of the things my old attorney did. Phone calls, emails, ridiculous postage and copying fees. NONE of that was charged by this firm! I would recommend them to any business owner."

f you are facing a business concern or conflict, we will gladly discuss all of the options available to you. Call (248) 559-5500 or fill out our online form to request a consultation with an experienced attorney today.