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The Team

Fakhouri Law Group’s greatest asset is the expertise of its lawyers and professionals, and their dedication to your success. The firm recruits team members who combine the highest standards of legal expertise with a passion, commitment and enthusiasm for our clients, their personal matters, and their businesses in Michigan.

The core of any organization, particularly a professional services firm, is its people. At Fakhouri Law Group, we’ve assembled a team who share a singular vision of adding value to our business and personal clients by providing relevant solutions to the often complex problems they face.

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Often, the “why” is harder to explain than the “how.” There are many rewards, economic and otherwise, to members of a great professional institution. But, in the end, they all derive from the willingness of clients to continue to seek help and advice from that institution. We believe that the long-run success of Fakhouri Law Group, PLC, depends on the service and results we provide. We also understand that our talents as lawyers should be utilized to bestow truly effective representation to our clients.

A successful firm shares certain values; values that continue to be the underpinnings of Fakhouri Law Group since its inception. We believe it is instrumental to have integrity and personal accountability for every decision, judgment and action on behalf of our clients or the firm. We hold a level of competence and dedication, which is marked by creativity that makes the value and quality of our work distinctive and powerful. Finally, we understand the importance of understanding and the determination our work demands in representing our clients in what may sometimes be hostile and threatening environments. Client service is the principal goal of our law firm. Fakhouri Law Group has, and continues, to apply our core values in firm management and conduct to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Come and experience the Fakhouri Law Group difference for yourself.