Estate Planning & Probate

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If you are considering writing a will, a living trust, need business succession planning, or forming a charitable trust, Fakhouri Law Group’s estate planning attorneys can help.

We have been helping families, business owners and philanthropists alike, establish and execute their assets and estates for their future generations. Our attorneys give proper thought to planning out the wishes you set forth in our free consultation. Once our client’s intentions are received, we ensure that they are protected and planned in a legally sound estate plan.

An estate plan that best suits your needs. A misconceived notion that all estate plans are the same is simply not true. Each person has different wishes for how their health care should be carried out in the event of their incapacity is different. The same goes for how they would like their estate distributed upon their demise. As each person’s intent is different, so is their estate plan.

Typical Michigan estate planning services that Fakhouri Law Group provides include asset management, writing a will to disburse your finances and personal items after your death and preparing a living will to insure that your wishes are followed in case you are no longer capable of making your own decisions. We also help people with specialized situations, including arranging for the financial care of a handicapped adult child, planning taxes to your advantage and setting up charitable trust funds. Regardless of why you need Michigan estate planning services, we assist you in following the proper legal channels so you can have peace of mind in your later years.

We provide a full range of services related to estates, trusts, probate and conservatorships to clients in Oakland County and throughout Michigan in the following practice areas:

  • Probate administration and the handling of decedents’ estates.
  • Drafting of last wills & testaments and trusts.
  • Preparation of powers of attorney and patient advocate designations (living wills).
  • Guardianship and conservatorships for mentally incapacitated persons.
  • Will contest litigation.
  • Will preservation litigation.
  • Estate tax returns.
  • Private annuities & charitable trusts.
  • Estate planning and administration.

When representing probate litigation clients, whether fiduciaries or beneficiaries, we seek prompt, successful resolution to all probate disputes. We work hard to protect and advance each probate client’s interests and rights in an efficient and professional manner.

We can also help you accomplish several critical tasks:

  • Eliminating the need for the probate court to administer your assets upon death (or if you become disabled or incompetent).
  • Reducing the risk of inexperienced or unskilled management of your property by allowing you to make your own choice about who will manage your assets in the future.
  • Appointing a person of your choice to handle your affairs if you are disabled, and choosing an individual to make decisions concerning your care, custody, and medical treatment if you are unable to participate in medical treatment decisions.

As experienced Michigan estate planning attorneys, we provide all the legal services necessary for the proper administration of a decedent’s estate. We also litigate contested wills (when the title or legality of a will or jointly owned asset, or its execution, is questioned), trusts, and joint accounts, as well as tying title to real and personal property.

For professional legal assistance for your probate, trust, and estate planning needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.