“In-House” Retained Counsel

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Fakhouri Law Group has experience in a variety of business matters and offers a choice of retainer agreements which can be tailored to your needs.

Most businesses need legal assistance at one time or another. Some prefer to wait until a situation has grown out of control or has escalated to the point that legal assistance is required.

Day-to-day business operations often raise questions about the legal consequences of a business decision. While some business owners seek the advice of friends or other business owners, these sources may give well-meaning but legally insufficient or incorrect advice.

A great deal of business litigation arises from situations which might have been resolved more easily and less expensively if the business had sought and received sound legal advice initially. But fears of the cost of contacting an attorney or concern that the question is “so simple” that the business owner will appear foolish sometimes prevent even the best businessperson from seeking advice.

Having an attorney available for consultation can help you develop a business attitude and approach that minimizes your legal difficulties - and it’s more affordable than you think.

Your business deserves access to legal advice when it needs it, even if it’s just to re-assure the owners of their decision. Fakhouri Law Group can provide simple, affordable legal advice and services for your business. At Fakhouri Law Group, we strive to be on the forefront of the law and its emerging trends. Many business matters are time sensitive, and we will make ourselves available to give you the advice you need.

Contact Fakhouri Law Group today for a free consultation where we can discuss your business and develop an affordable solution for handling all your legal needs.