Discover why entrepreneurs and business owners couldn't be happier about our flat fee pricing and responsive service:


"All I have to say is WOW.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that I do not like attorneys. I don’t even like to go into their office. But the Fakhouri Law Group is changing the game.  First of all, I was warmly greeted when I came in to their beautiful office. Which put me at ease right away.  And when I walked into the conference room, I met with the principal owner himself. Not an associate who was counting down to his lunch break.  Adel sat with me, gave me good advice across the board. Then he said something I have never heard any of my previous attorneys say to me before.  He said he wanted me to give him my documents so he can review them before he quoted me anything.  An attorney that actually was willing to do work on the front end before asking for a dime?!?! I am 53 years old and have met with a lot of attorneys for my real estate deals. FLG was the first ever to put its money where its mouth was. AFTER he reviewed my documents he then came back with a FLAT FEE price.  The deal was closed without a hitch. Now I actually look forward to meeting with my attorney! Bravo to Adel and his team."

- James V.

"Thank you Fakhouri Law Group for getting me on my feet! I did what so many others do. Started a business on my own without the advice of a good lawyer.  Business (and partnership) ran into problems right away. I thought we were going to lose the business and our investment.  The Fakhouri Law Group literally saved us. Within 3 weeks, we had proper documentation, FLG had negotiated deals with our landlord and vendors to allow us breathing room, and facilitated our partnership concerns, which allowed us to focus on our business.  We are now cash-flowing nicely, and are looking forward to using FLG to open up our new location very soon!"

- Clint S.

"The first time I met with Adel, he spent almost 2 hours with me on a free consultation.  He actually pushed back a phone conference he had to spend more time with me during that first meeting.  Personally, this was the single biggest thing that sold me about this firm.  They actually cared about my legal concerns rather than how much they could bill me.  Needless, to say I have been their client for more than 3 years and have recommended everyone I could to them. "

- Amy G.

"I found FLG online. I had met with 3 or 4 attorneys over the course of a week to find the right person to help me purchase my first apartment complex.  Fakhouri law group did something that none of the other attorneys did. They actually requested (with no charge) to come out to the property and actually see it.  They said that by doing this, it helps them understand some of the complexities that we were trying to address as part of the deal.  They came out the next day. They even took me to lunch to talk about the deal some more.  Awesome service. Awesome lawyers. Awesome people. They gained a client for life."

- Ronnie B. 

"I am a small business owner with 8 employees and I have been looking for a law firm to help me with many of my business (and personal) legal needs. Fakhouri Law Group is excellent! The best part about this law firm is they are very fair with their fees. They do not charge me for many of the things my old attorney did. Phone calls, emails, ridiculous postage and copying fees. NONE of that was charged by this firm! I would recommend them to any business owner."

- Mark F., Farmington, MI